Comprehensive Solution for  Businesses

Pearnode Platform Suite is a unified system hosting multiple services for catering different needs of small business operations. Any business requirement can be just plugged in for managing current operations or scaling up or down of business operations. External integrations, mobility and ease of operations are the main pillars of the using Pearnode Platform Suite in your business.  Handling accounting, tax, payments, sales, purchases and returns on inventory has never been easier. Pearnode Platform Suite is designed to offer you the ease of seamless business management at a very low cost keeping the cost of IT infrastructure management fixed. Our sole objective is to help businesses grow by by automation, IT and connections.


Pearnode Technology Solutions is built for scale. Offering all the business services at a very low cost. 

We charge a flat rate @ Rs 10/ day for the all the services we offer. 

Our Solutions are derived from actual field operations and not by business definitions. We charge post usage i.e. you register, try then you can choose to continue with us. No questions asked only a feedback on what went bad.

Pearnode Platform



Tailored to solve a purpose for managing a business function.


We at Pearnode strongly believe that accounting should be done by everyone but audits should be done by accountants. Our accounting solutions emphasize on this concept to provide the following functions in our solutions: Remote Accounting Remote cash collection Remote …

Online Store

Every business that registers with Pearnode gets an online space to publish their inventory online. They can take orders, showcase their inventory, build a profile, compare with other products using this solution. The same inventory is mapped from their …

Inventory Management

In Pearnode platform inventory is managed across purchase, sales and returns. Inventory from multiple suppliers is aggregated for building localized inventory for a reseller. For manufacturers inventory is separated from raw materials to sellable products or finished goods.

Customer Management

Customer management and analysis is one of the most essential aspects of sales and Pearnode handles this information very effectively. Customer information is made available across all the solutions for a business. Analysis on the buying patterns, customer events …

Supplier Management

Suppliers are critical to small business functions and units. They can be a stockist, distributor, sub distributor, regional distributor or any organization which provides raw materials or finished products for further processing or reselling.At Pearnode we value the suppliers …

Analytics with Analysis

Every transaction that goes through the Pearnode system is logged and analyzed post the transaction. Different analysis workers analyze multiple verticals of the transaction like who did it, where did it happen, what was the value, what was …

POS Solution

Pearnode offers a standard POS solution for day to day operations of the business but as a non resident application i.e. it is infrastructure independent. POS end point systems with Pearnode can do all the operations of billing, …


Sales is the lifeline of a business. Without good and manageable sales all other business aspects are of no use. At Pearnode we extend sales to a new level. We not only handle offline sales but also provide a platform …


Purchase governs the inventory for a reseller or manufacturer. Purchase can be of raw materials or finished goods. A good purchase can bring in lots of profits in the downstream.Pearnode handles different aspects of the purchase functions. Highlights can be: …