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What is pearnode ?

Pearnode is the First and Only block chain enabled Business Management Platform.

Every registered business is connected and the impact from one business / node hops to the other based on demand.

Key Features

Business need not worry about IT anymore. No installation, no losses, plug and play. 24/7 uptime.

  • Purchase, Sales, Production, Analysis, Inventory, Tax, Online in one platform.
  • Interconnected business operations.
  • Multi vendor and party supported. Everyone's welcome.
  • Transparent transactions and accountability. No conflicts.
  • Mobile First Approach. Run anywhere.
  • Scale your business up and down with configuration.
  • Preset templates for almost every business type.
  • Multi business Governance. Geolocation support.
  • Manage Demand, Supply and Production in one platform
  • Integrated payment gateway. Comission free.
  • Retail and business credit management.

How it works ?

Start working with Pearnode to run your entire business in one platform.

One Pricing for all

Start working with Pearnode at a fixed pricing model per business user.


$ 30 /mo
  • Full Access
  • All Services
  • Shared Server
  • Integrated Security

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$ 120 /mo
  • Full Access
  • All Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Multi Business
  • Dedicated Server
  • Isolated Security

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